HD Solar System
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HD Solar System is a collection of planetary animations rendered in high definition fulldome fisheye. Included are over 30 minutes of high definition Solar System content made up of 21 individual planetary sequencies. When using the MediaWarp3D software, you can mix and match planetary sequences using the included playlist feature.

HD Solar System is suitable for mobile or fixed planetariums involved in astronomy education. It offers more control (and lower cost) than a full narrated planetarium movie and improved image quality over some real-time planetarium software. It is idealy suited to an educational planetarium show, where high quality animated content for common Solar System objects is required.

HD Solar System can be played using MediaWarp3D or the dome software of your choice. It can be supplied in resolutions up to HD and as pre-warped or non warped fisheye content.

The complete HD Solar System package consists of the following sequences.

Earth / Moon system (1 sequence), The Moon (1 sequence), Earth (1), Mercury (2), Venus (2), Mars (2), Jupiter (2), Saturn (2), Uranus (2), Neptune (2), Solar System Full (2), Solar System Inner (1), Planet Size Comparison (1).

The average length of each animated sequence is 90 seconds and in many cases a sequence can be looped to extend the length of the animation.


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